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Do Australian organisations see benefit in remaining engaged with former employees? This was the key question addressed in research that was undertaken by Engaged Talent.  Engaged spoke with 234 companies, universities, industry associations, government bodies and not for profits to understand If organisations do see benefit, then why and how are they remaining in contact? What programs are in place and what benefits do these programs bring to their organisation?


  • 16.5 percent of companies surveyed have alumni programs in place with 86 percent of these organisations achieving a minimum of 10 percent of new hires each year from returning employees. 5.2 percent of companies were exceeding 20 percent of returning employee rehires per annum.                                      

  • Whilst technology played a key role in building an alumni community, the most effective tool for remaining engaged with former employees was via one-on-one contact including telephone, email or networking events. These tools were more effective than social networking.  

  • Alumni communities provide powerful channels for business development opportunities, referrals, knowledge sharing. mentoring programs, succession planning, leadership development, testing of products and ideas prior to market release, fundraising, boomerang hires (returning employees) and ensuring ongoing goodwill via ambassadors supporting your organisation. 



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